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A motivated team collaborating.





Our clients share the core belief that competitive advantage comes from extraordinary leadership.

We start from the assumption that our clients want the members of their organization to succeed and recognize that people are their greatest asset. We then elicit each client's best thinking and ideal state of performance, contribute our own, and collaboratively find a solution. At the close of each engagement we review our work to determine its impact. This process ensures that each client receives a full return on investment with us.

Our mission is to add value that can only come through the careful tailoring of every project.

We don't offer uniform products or pre-developed solutions. We understand the delicate nature of adaptability, for both clients and the consultants with whom they work.

Who We Are

We are a female owned-and-operated team of executive coaches, organizational developers, and researchers who specialize in identifying and remediating motivational breakdowns in companies that impact staff engagement, performance, and retention. Our professional experience includes the food service industries, manufacturing, logistics, educational service providers, and industrial products. 

"…culture isn’t just one aspect
of the game – it is the game."

                                  – Louis V. Gerstner Jr.

Dr. Gena Khodos
Dr. Paula Di Domenico

Dr. Gena Khodos

Gena is passionate about developing effective people strategies and putting into effect practices that enable organizations to embrace a talent mindset and realize its benefits. Her core areas of expertise include employee motivation, individual assessment and coaching, succession and talent management, and the design and implementation of leadership and team development programs.

Gena has worked with both privately held firms and non-profits, across diverse industries. She has authored articles, and presents at conferences in the areas of motivation development and culturally responsive practices.

Gena has a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from University of Illinois-Chicago and a Bachelor of Arts with honors in English from the University of Iowa. She is a member of several professional associations.

Dr. Paula Di Domenico

Paula has a deep understanding and appreciation for the crucial role of human capital in organizations. As a trusted partner and advisor, she brings a fresh perspective to provide insight and guidance to address the tough issues faced by business leaders in today’s challenging, ever-changing global marketplace. Her expertise is grounded in a 20-year tenure as a leadership consultant, executive coach, and educator. Paula brings both business acumen and adult education expertise to her clientele.

She enjoys working on all sides of the client engagement, including business development, designing and developing innovative solutions, delivering services, and enhancing ongoing client relationships.

Paula received her Bachelor of Arts in English. She completed her M.A. and doctoral work in literacy. Her diverse career has allowed her to develop expertise in the areas of executive selection and coaching, leadership and high-potential talent development, team coaching, culture assessment and organizational change management.

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